Saturday, May 9, 2015

Flamenco Quote of the Day

Another problem, from the purist's point of view, lies in the management of the tablaos themselves, who demand from the artists a type of flamenco they believe will best go over with the public. This tends to be an overdose of rumbas, sex, legs and above all, exaggerated showmanship and flashy arrangements--in general, what can be termed "commercial flamenco"...This tablao, La Cueva de Nerja, decided to experiment with the pure. They brought in from all over Andalusia the great, unsophisticated artists, unglamorous and uncommercial, and began giving shows of real flamenco. The flamenco world loved it...The public, however did not understand, and the place finally had to close down.

D. Pohren/The Art of Flamenco

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