Thursday, December 25, 2014

Flamenco Quote of the Day

James A. Michener writing about an incident that touched him deeply:

"Thus the great fair of Sevilla continues, day after day. Toward dawn on the last night I stood at the entrance to the Aero Club as members of the nobility departed for the last time, and in the street stood an old man leading a donkey. He was not the kind who would own a caseta, nor a horse to ride in the daily procession, nor even a job in one of the carnivals. He was a rural peasant come in with his donkey to see the sights, and as he watched the ending of the fair he sang:

'Yo soy un anima infeliz,
perdida en este mundo atormentado.
I am a miserable spirit
lost in this tormented world.'

And as he wandered off, singing to himself, the tents of the five circuses were coming down. The parking lot where the carnival trucks waited came back to life and electricians were disconnecting their wires from the multitude of little casetas which would soon vanish."

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