Thursday, February 5, 2015

Flamenco Quote of the Day

From James Michener:

"Sevilla does not have ambiente, Sevilla is ambiente, and nowhere has this been better expressed than in a lyric written by Manuel Machado. It is a litany of Andalusian names, each described with its most typical appositives, except one, for which no nouns or adjectives suffice:

Cadiz, salt-laden brilliance,
Granada, hidden waters that weep.
Roman and Moorish, silent Cordoba,
Malaga, flamenco singer,
Almeria, golden.
Jaen, silvery.
Huelva, shore of the three caravels.
...and Sevilla.

Cadiz, salada claridad,
Granada, agua oculta que llora.
Romana y Mora, Cordoba callada,
Malaga, cantaora,
Almeria, dorada.
Plateado, Jaen.
Huelva, la orilla de las tres caravelas.
...Y Sevilla.

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