Friday, March 13, 2015

Flamenco Quote of the Day

Manolo Caracol?... An immense flamenco figure... Caracol is, all on his own, all flamenco singing. I knew him. It was at the Feria de Sevilla in April 1964. We were fortunate enough to spend these few days with Orson Welles. With him all doors were opened. One evening we were in the caseta of a marvelous man, the former matador, Gitanillo de Triana. Manolo was there, worn out by the abundance of life. Gitanillo played the guitar, the little gypsies danced, and then...crack...the worn-out voice went dead. He stopped, a little embarrassed. We talked about other things. A few years later, in one of life's nightmares, I learned on two separate occasions, that these two men, Gitanillo and Caracol were both killed in an automobile accident. Strange, the death of the great Caracol...a story worthy of Hitchcock. On 24 February, 1973, the car was found in a ravine. Manolo was dead, seated at the wheel, sitting a little too neatly...since then between Cadiz and Sevilla people speak...

Mario Bois/Writer & Cante Aficionado

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