Monday, March 16, 2015

Flamenco Quote of the Day

Before, the relationships were not... you did not live like today, where everything lives off falsehood. Now, great amounts are spent on publicity for no use. There is a celebration of great shows which are not worth being celebrated. The worse the show is, the greater attention it gets. As usual, it is flamenco which ends up suffering the consequences. These shows are given much attention and support so that they produce economic benefits, and when someone with dignity comes trying to defend their art, they are left alone, completely alone to face the indifference of those who organize things, and who do not feel the things they organize.

Que la relación antes no era... que no se vivía como ahora, que se vive de falso todo. O sea que todo es una gran publicidad para nada. Que celebran un gran espectáculo para nada. Cuanto peor es el espectáculo, más que lo celebran. Porque como siempre sale perdiendo el flamenco. Se celebran mucho para que eso sea rentable, y cuando va una persona con toda dignidad a defender su arte, se ve totalmente solo, solo ante la indiferencia de los que organizan las cosas, que no las sienten. 

Paco Lira/Owner of La Carboneria, Sevilla 1999

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