Saturday, June 13, 2015

Flamenco Quote of the Day

Do these commercially orientated dancers let their hair down at juergas and dance in an authentic manner? Rarely. The crowds, the applause, the stage, the money, the fame quickly drive all desire for authenticity from them. They actually come to belittle good natural dancing as oversimplified and primitive, forgetting (if they ever knew) that such dancing, in flamenco at least, is the only form that arrives to the heart, that a fluid, non-theatrical play of arms and upper torso and a release of duende slowly and at close quarters, are the only factors that matter. Factors that are almost never created in a commercial atmosphere. Thus from a purely flamenco point of view (not theatrical), a list of good dancers is not relevant. It would be pitifully small.

Don Pohren/Author

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