Monday, June 8, 2015

Flamenco Quote of the Day

I never sang at a party until I was seventeen. Before that I'd never open my mouth to sing, not even in the shower. It happened at a very intimate family gathering at my Uncle Eduardo's home. He started singing, I was listening to him, but there came a point when I couldn't stand it any more and I had to stand up and sing for him. To me, my Uncle Eduardo was one of the best cantaores I've heard. My feelings just overcame me then and I started singing. When my family heard me sing, the birthday cake hit the roof, the TV set fell off the shelf and my father tore his shirt open. When I finished singing I took my motorbike and I went home. I felt really calm and relaxed. Shortly afterwards my Uncle Eduardo died - he was the one who made me start singing.

Jesus Mendez/Cantaor

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