Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Flamenco Quote of the Day

One New Year's Eve I finished with the guitar covered in blood, and Gitanillo de Triana told me that I couldn't carry on playing like that. "We are going to find a way that you can keep on working without having to play the guitar, because you must know how to do something else," he said. So I told him that I knew how to dance a bit to bulerías. I was about 19 years old and I remember that Sernita de Jerez did the singing. When I had finished the performance Gitanillo was waiting for me. "What's this about knowing how to dance a bit to bulerías? You know how to dance better than all the dancers in Madrid," he said as he gave me a push. "Dance again because I want to see you myself". And he became so drunk that he ended up on a plane to Caracas, where he met up with Angelita Gómez - a teacher from Jerez - and said to her: "Do you know who is to blame for me coming here? Your friend from Jerez, Parrillita, who says he knows how to dance a bit to bulerías. Look how drunk I got because of that boy."

Parrilla de Jerez/Guitarrista/b. Jerez 1945 d. June 6, 2009


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